Springseil Jump-Rope “high-quality PVC” – 150cm


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Jump rope 150cm Length: 150cm (can be shortened if necessary) hygienic thanks to washable handles
Jump rope with ball bearings and with additional weight in the handles in the color gray-black

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can easily improve your coordination with the jump rope.
The rope can be used in many training areas: boxing, MMA, martial arts, kickboxing, triathlon, athletics, fitness training, workouts, speed rope skipping, CrossFit, bodybuilding, gymnastics, or for weight loss.

By jumping rope, you stimulate your metabolism with just a few minutes of training a day.
They can effectively boost your fat burning and increase both your endurance and strength.
Thanks to the ball-bearing handles, the rotations can be carried out effortlessly and evenly.

Rope length: 150 cm
Weight: approx. 170 g
Material: high-quality PVC
Rope length can be adjusted individually
Ergonomically shaped and rubberized handles ensure a secure hold despite sweaty hands.

Skipping rope Make the popular jumping rope from childhood an integral part of your workout and train effectively strength endurance and coordination.

“Ropeskipping” is anything but child’s play!

Not only coordination between hands and feet is trained or the general condition (cardiovascular system), jumping rope is also a popular exercise in the diet.
With a certain basic tension in the body and the correct execution when swinging the rope, it is possible to burn up to approx. 750 calories in an hour.

Jumping rope is quickly learned after swinging a few times and can be used as a fixed exercise in workouts.
Handy, effective, and with a bit of creativity in terms of the jump variants, the jump rope is the perfect training partner.

Whether in boxing, MMA, or other sports, people swing and jump almost everywhere.


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