ProFuel Magnesium LIQUID CHALK 200ml


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All benefits at a glance:
• Liquid magnesium carbonate
• Firm and secure hold
• Anti-perspiration
• No chalk dust formation
• No dirt residue
• Produced according to cosmetics standards

LIQUID CHALK | Safe & strong grip
A secure and firm grip is not only of decisive importance in strength and fitness training.
In addition to strength training in the gym, the LIQUID CHALK (liquid chalk) can also be used for sports such as climbing, apparatus gymnastics, tennis, badminton, etc. – whenever a non-slip and secure grip is needed.

Who doesn’t know the classic “magnesium chalk powder” for weightlifters or e.g. gymnasts ?!
ProFuels LIQUID CHALK is not only an excellent alternative to classic chalk powder, it is also a better choice. Since the LIQUID CHALK (liquid chalk) is quickly absorbed after application and without any visible residue, you do not leave any dirt on your equipment or clothing during training or competitions.


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