Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport 60 capsules


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Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport Mega Caps are multi-sport vitamins for active people.
This product is characterized by its unique blister form, and by highly available Albion chelates.
This is a two-phase dietary supplement, which is divided into two capsules VITA-PLEX SPORT MEGA CAPS and CHELA-MIN SPORT MEGA CAPS.

The first contains concentrated vitamins with a HEPA-PROST DETOX complex which provides regeneration and protection of the liver and prostate.
The second contains minerals in the form of the aforementioned, well-available Albion chelates.
The VITA-PLEX SPORT MEGA CAPS capsules are additionally enriched with PureWay-C, a new generation vitamin C, which is characterized by more rapid assimilation, has strong antioxidative properties, and removes free radicals.

The vitamins and minerals in the capsule have a positive effect on exercise performance.
The green tea extract with anti-oxidant properties contained improves the metabolism and the burning of fat, and the artichoke and alpha-lipoic acid have a positive effect on the liver.

Whereas the pumpkin seed and common nettle extracts have a beneficial effect on the hormonal system.
The piperine from black pepper enables the absorption of all the ingredients from the digestive tract, including the active ingredients of the Olimp Vita-Min Multiple Sport Mega Caps supplement.

Both complexes, VITA-PLEX SPORT MEGA CAPS and CHELA-MIN SPORT MEGA CAPS make it easier to cover the basic demand for essential micronutrients in an organism after heavy physical exertion.


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