Kevin Levrone Shaaboom Pump 385g


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Strong dose for targeted muscle building:
Incredible 3200 mg of the potent beta-alanine (CarnoSyn), 2000 mg arginine AKG, 6000 mg citrulline malate, 3000 mg creatine monohydrate and 400 mg caffeine.

Benefit from the high-quality ingredients in high concentration for a fantastic muscle pump and ultimate success.

Increased Vascularity and Muscle Saturation:
The specially selected hydration agents with robust osmotic properties ensure that you have more oxygen, glycogen, water and raw strength available per use.
After a full LevroPump cycle in the diet, your muscles will run at full steam!

Increased vascularity & muscular satiety:
These specially selected ingredients, with impressive properties, ensure an optimal supply of oxygen and promote the absorption of glycogen and water in the muscles.

Extreme pump through optimal blood circulation:
supplies the skeletal muscles with performance-enhancing nutrients for improved skin tightening during training.
Optimize the regeneration and feel the targeted supply of the muscles after training.
Without a doubt one of the best pre-workout booster products out there.

Use Each Workout Effectively and Watch Your Muscles Grow! Pre-workout supplements ensure intensive training units and bring you unimagined training success. Manufactured by an industry giant, Levro SHAABOOM PUMP is part of the legendary Levrone Signature Series!


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