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Start the day with ESN Protein Pancakes – quick to prepare, rich in protein, and simply delicious
The fantastically delicious protein pancakes from ESN are ideal in low-carb diets and as a snack for athletes with an increased protein requirement.
The small pancakes are quick and easy to prepare, all you have to do is add water – ideal for everyone, whether you’re a chef or a grouch.

The ESN Protein Pancakes can be enjoyed in many ways, whether for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack in between.

Delicious toppings such as the low-carb peanut butter from ESN ensure excellent moments of pleasure, there are no limits to creativity when refining the small pancakes. Mixing in z. B. chopped apples or cinnamon offers great enjoyment options. The pancakes also taste great cold – just right for the lunch box on the go.
Bake strong and slim

Fewer carbohydrates, more protein, and fewer kilos – this is the basis for the diet of many people.
The times when the figure of very thin models is strived for are over – today strong is the new skinny. A protein-rich diet, combined with exercise, is beneficial.

Exercise to build muscle, which means that more calories are burned even when you are resting.
The ESN Protein Pancakes support every ambitious athlete as an enjoyable source of protein because 100 g contains an unbelievable 65 g protein, which consists of whey, milk, and egg protein. High-quality buckwheat flour is used as a source of carbohydrates, conventional and unhealthy wheat flour is deliberately avoided.

Our all-rounder:
• Particularly high protein content for muscle building and definition phases
• Well suited for high protein diets
• A brilliant change from the protein shake
• Can be enjoyed at any time as a tasty snack between meals

A touch of vanilla or pure pleasure
Even when baking the irresistibly delicious ESN Protein Pancakes, an exquisite aroma rises in your nose. The sweetened vanilla taste has a subtle vanilla taste that makes the fluffy pancakes simply excellent. A new addition is Natural (pure unsweetened pancake taste). This is ideal for a greater variety of flavors mixed with our ESN Flavor Drops. Natural is also suitable for hearty pancakes.

Raw materials of the highest quality
The raw materials we use come from the best raw material suppliers. We attach particular importance to constant and excellent quality. The ESN Protein Pancakes are made in Germany according to the highest quality standards.


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