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What is the energy cake?
It started with an oatmeal and ended with the delicious, juicy 125g energy cake that many consumers appreciate. That might sound banal and extremely shortened, but that’s the way it is. The Energy Cake has been on the market since 2009 and was able to impress with its taste, consistency and uniqueness in the world of bars in a very short time. He has always had one goal: to deliver energy when you need it.

Why is the energy cake so popular?
The taste itself is certainly a good argument for the popularity of the bar. It’s juicy, soft and delicious. With traditional oatmeal bars it can easily happen that they taste quickly dry and tough; but not with the Energy Cake!

>> The little snack for in-between <<
For many pupils and students, the energy cake is often a small rescue when you have to spend the whole day in the classroom or listening room. Professions that have to be fully concentrated for a very long time, such as fire brigade, police, or hospital staff, are also regular consumers of the energy cake. It provides you with the energy you need quickly and easily so that you can always give 100 percent. In summary, these arguments give us the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. We offer the consumer something very special. Energy Cake not only impresses with its excellent taste and high quality but also shines with particularly customer-oriented service.

What flavors are there? How many calories?
The 125g Energy Cake is suitable for every taste bud, as there is something for everyone due to the variety. Starting with a delicious spice cake that tastes like heavenly gingerbread to toffee, yogurt, cranberry, cherry/coconut, chocolate, raspberry, chocolate/caramel, white chocolate, lemon/poppy seeds, chocolate/orange, cappuccino, almond, fruit, Cookies / Cream, Chocolate / Banana and Banana. If that’s too colorful for you, you can simply try the delicious original on which all flavor enhancements are based.
The number of calories varies depending on the taste. Accordingly, they contain 376-448 calories per 100g.

It should be added here that the energy cake is simply there to deliver calories and carbohydrates quickly when they are needed.
So that HUNGER can no longer be an excuse!


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