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Maltodextrin is a mixture of different carbohydrates.
To put it simply, maltodextrin consists of; Simple sugars (monomers), double sugars (dimers), short-chain polyesters (oligomers), and long-chain polyesters (polymers).
Maltodextrin is almost tasteless and is mostly (and for us) made from corn starch, but there are also manufacturers who use wheat as a base (we use corn).

There are different types of maltodextrin, depending on the composition of the individual sugars it has the addition 6, 12 or 19. We use maltodextrin 19.
Effect & application of maltodextrin
Most users can be found in the sports sector.

Maltodextrin is put in a shaker alone or with other additives and mixed with water, which is then usually consumed after exercise.
The maltodextrin gets into the stomach and from there into the small intestine.
The intestinal mucous membranes absorb the sugar-starch mixture and make it available to your body.

Most of these components are then converted into glycogen by your liver, your muscle tissue is also involved, but the liver does most of the work here.
When the glycogen is ready, it is stored in special glycogn stores (muscle tissue).
When your body needs energy quickly, it converts the glycogen stores into glucose so that it can then be used.

Energy is now released and your insulin level increases slowly.
The release of insulin leads to a faster transport of the required amino acids into the muscles (ideally after training).
Maltodextrin is primarily used for two purposes: replenishing your glycogen stores and providing energy.

100% maltodextrin (hydrolyzed corn starch)

Consumption recommendation:
stir / mix 60g maltodextrin powder in 300-500ml water / shake / liquid and drink.

Maltodextrin is ideal as a weight gainer and post-workout shake (after training).
A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle should be ensured.
Traces of egg protein, soy, and milk (including lactose) cannot be ruled out.


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