ak47 Labs Pre-Workout Brain-dead 240g


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The AK47 Labs Pre-Workout Braindead is the special edition of the recently released Pre-Workout Paranoia Booster, with an alternative label design in the zombie design. The name of the limited pre-workout edition from AK-47 Labs is Braindead, the ingredients and dosages are in the booster like in paranoia.

That means 1.85 g beta-alanine, one gram taurine, and 200 mg caffeine for more energy. The AK-47 Labs Braindead offers two variants, Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch
✔ 200mg of caffeine
✔ Extreme focus
✔ For a brutal workout
✔ Fruity taste

Consumption recommendation:
Take half a scoop about 30-45 minutes before training.


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Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch