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Fitness Consultation

Through an in-depth survey, conversation and a movement assessment, our team will prescribe the perfect program to get you started and on track to meet your fitness goals.

Team Workout

Team Workouts

Full-body workouts designed to build strength and endurance, using the energy of the group and the expertise of the certified personal trainer to maximize your results.

Personal Training

DWYS will help you to achieve your goals, regardless of what they might be. Our performance coaches understand each person’s unique needs, provide personalized attention, and offer support along the way.

Online fitness and nutrition coaching
delivered at a whole new level.

Train anywhere!!!

Train comfortably from home, gym or on the go with our qualified trainers.

Nutrition & Meals

Personalize meal plans to meet your needs.

Sport nutrition, weight loss and improved health.

Remove the decision stress of what and when to eat so you can focus on performing at your best.

Our plans are designed to teach you new habits and help you to reach your goals. All you have to do is buy the foods in your meal plan.

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Our Coaches



I’m Natalya Harachava, a licensed personal trainer and athlete in the IFBB / DBFV.
I speak Russian, Spanish and German.
I discovered my passion for fitness early on and have been an athlete at IFBB / DBFV since 2019.

Natalya Harachava 02


My focus is on the possibilities of health promotion, the maintenance of health and performance.

The subject of sport has fascinated me for many years and it is a great pleasure and daily motivation for me to work with people on the implementation of their goals and the promotion of quality of life.

Natalya Harachava 01


I have been running the Emmendingen Class Gym together with my husband since 2014.

As an athlete in the women’s wellness category, she achieved 4th place in Baden-Württemberg in 2019.

In addition to my work as a personal trainer and mom of our family, I have personally been dealing with various forms of nutrition and training methods for a long time.

Natalya Harachava 03


My name is Dieter Villar, I come from Peru.
I have a long experience as an A-license fitness trainer and nutrition coach.

My bodybuilding life began in 1993. My passion has always been competitive bodybuilding, inspired by the bodybuilders of the late 80s and 90s.

Sport has shaped my personality, given me the opportunity to improve my skills and get myself into better and better shape with iron discipline.
So sport played an important role in my life.

Dieter Villar 02


I worked as a personal trainer on Mallorca during and after my active time and then spent 9 years in Switzerland.

I am currently the owner of my own fitness studio in Germany, where I prepare athletes for IFBB and DBFV competitions.

I firmly believe in the benefits that a healthy lifestyle can bring to other areas of our lives.

Everyone is able to achieve their personal goals and thus change their life in a sustainable and positive way. Are you ready for change too? Then contact me!

Dieter Villar 03


My international successes:

  • Mr. Lima (Peru) 1995 4th place in the junior category up to 70 kg.
  • Mr. Peru 1996 7th place in the men’s class up to 75 kg.
  • Mr. Mallorca (Spain) 2004 Top 10
  • Mr. Balearen (Spain) 2005 3rd place in the body fitness category up to 1.75 cm
Dieter Villar 01